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A common issue at hand for most companies is how to balance the health and wellness of their employees with the efficiency and profitability of the workforce. By ignoring the health and wellness of the people, the company risks employees that are: constantly sick, maximising group benefits usage, dis-satisfied, pretending to work, causing strife, and generally being in-efficient, More and more, experts are noting how a healthy employee, who has autonomy, who has a good grasp of their financial life, and sufficient time at home with friends and family, away from emails and telephone calls and flexibility to deal with things that come up in life make for very productive employees.

And yet, for the most part - people are stressed out! Job security, resources being cut, more and more is demanded, traffic woes,  family life, financial mayhem, constantly on-line, always tethered to work emails, and a sense of not enough time is draining the most important part of any company - the people.

I offer tools and techniques to help people manage the stress they are under. Whether it is a constant low level stress (which has been shown to be more detrimental that one major stressor), or a full-on overwhelming stress, there is a solution. In my presentations I offer a blend of scientific fact and everyday working language that give people insight into what is really causing stress, then easy to use tools to begin managing their stress. I do this through two different processes.

Group Training: 

This particular type of training is designed specifically for a small group of people that are in the same department or bureau and is customized to their particular focus. Ideally, the group would be no larger than 10-20 people. The program would run for 8 to 10 hours broken up into segments that would span roughly 6 weeks. This allows sufficient time for training, practice, reflection and habit changes.  I will cover goals, values, stress, and physiological responses to internal and external stress pressures. I will train people in the use of a bio feedback device to help achieve getting into the Zone or Coherent State. I will cover energy management and how to better access intuitive knowledge and decisions. I will cover communication from the Zone and how that will impact the people around them.

The organization HeartMath® has ample research from several fortune 500 companies and many hospitals, with results indicating that any group that goes through such a specialised training will report: less intent to quit, higher job satisfaction, better home work life balance, less stress, better work and home relationships, better focus, more creativity, and less usage of group benefits plans.

1 hour Presentations: 

This particular type of training is designed to cover in brief, several topics within the Stress Management framework for a varied group of people in the work place. Topics could include Stress, Stress to Relaxation Techniques, Mental Health, Sleep, Communication, and Home Work Life Balance. These presentations are often given over a lunch hour - but are definitely not limited to such. People attending these presentations will gain insight into what Stress is, where it comes from and how it impacts those around them - then how to make changes along the lines of the topics list above.

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Robbin Zrudlo - Ottawa, Ontario Canada