Conscious Wellness

What is Stress Management?

In today’s society, many people are caught in a whirlwind of ever increasing demands on their time, energy, and resources. As well, we all have a variety of default programs that determine our reactions to those external pressures. This leads to stress. To make matters worse, there is a perception that it is normal and acceptable to have never-ending stress. Even low levels of stress. Meanwhile, there is ample scientific data demonstrating that prolonged stress causes numerous undue health concerns – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Although most of us know we should do something about the ongoing stresses we are experiencing, following through with any sort of action plan to mitigate stress just doesn’t seem to happen. Especially in the moment. Most people plan on a walk, the gym, yoga class, or other forms of exercise as their stress release. But these take time and are often much later in the day than when the stress has been occurring. As a result, feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, and impatient surface, which have negative consequences on our mental and physical well-being.

Stress management consulting is a coaching program that will successfully guide you to move beyond your stress and bring balance into your life. You will gain a new understanding of how to manage triggers that cause stress, in the moment, so that lasting, positive change can occur. Why not incorporate a plan of action that can mitigate stress and the effects of stress on our bodies right now, in the moment?

How Can Stress Management Consulting Help You?

Like any good coach, I will challenge you, guide you, and in particular, support you in a caring and compassionate manner. I will take you through a process of establishing healthy goals, creating new awareness, changing perceptions, developing new habits, and accessing your inner wisdom and guidance. I will help you create balance in your life, neutralise your stress, and increase your resilience to future stress.

In addition, I will utilise a scientifically validated bio-feedback tool to provide you with training and give you immediate feedback on your heart/emotional centre. Coaching, in combination with this technology, becomes a powerful learning tool that will help you gain insight into your common reactions and negative mind-frame that are impacting your stress. Once recognised, you will learn strategies to create new reactions and a positive frame of mind to overcome stress and create peace and balance in your life.

Stress Management Consulting is Right For You if You Want:

  • Less stress, anger, frustration, and conflict
  • More calmness and peace
  • Better sleep
  • More resilience to stressful situations
  • Clearer thinking, resulting in smart decision-making and creative problem solving
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Overall improvement in health and sense of well-being

What Can You Expect?

Consulting appointments are one hour in length and are completely private and confidential. The program is based on a coaching model where I will challenge your ideas, beliefs and reactions to stress. Then, I will introduce new ways of looking at the situations, events and people in your life. New stress management skills will be taught and practised. I will use the bio-feedback tool if it is suitable for your needs. And finally, take-home exercises in the form of practice, awareness, and self-observation will be provided.