Conscious Wellness

What is Mindfulness Mentoring?

Mindfulness is the ability to bring your full attention and conscious awareness to the present moment, regardless of the situation. It is engaging in an everyday event through the lens of your core values - those ideas and beliefs that are most important to you.

The challenge is how do take the present moment (which most likely includes stress, adversity, or challenge) and rather than engage automatically or unconsciously through default programs, we bring our consciousness forward and respond in a new and more powerful way.

This doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It does not mean that you have to meditate for hours every day. However, it does take an effort to actually stop, assess, and bring your awareness to the task or situation at hand.

In today’s society, which is fast paced and never stopping, bringing mindfulness to everyday activities can often require help and guidance so that it can be done successfully and consistently.

How Can Mindfulness Mentoring Help You?

In most people’s lives there is always something happening, somewhere to go, something to do. It may be work, school, extracurricular, sports, hobbies, driving, parenting, chores, banking, gaming, social media, movies and TV. We are constantly under pressure to perform and accomplish more than what is reasonable for one person to do. Finally, there is very little down time that doesn’t involve a screen.   

What effect is this having on us? Stress, illness, unhealthiness, sleep and eating issues, pain, injuries, debt, or generally being overwhelmed.

By creating awareness, and using easy techniques that take less than 3 minutes to do at any given time, it is possible to completely transform how your care and attention can impact all the things you do. Things become easier, calmer, and peaceful. The quality of your work, performance, school, and test results can go way up. You can feel more relaxed and easy going. The frenetic pace of life somehow, seems to slow down.

Mindfulness Mentoring is Right For You if You Want:

  • A better chance to respond positively to events and situations
  • More peace and calmness
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer thinking and creative problem solving
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Overall improvement in health and sense of well-being
Mindfulness Mentoring is great for:Students ages 12 and up, Parents, Adults at any life stage

What Can You Expect?

Mentoring can happen either in a group (1.5 hours) or in a 1 on 1 appointment (1 hour).

During the session, there will be discussion to help create new awareness regarding the unconscious nature of current reactions and responses. Those reactions and responses will be explored. You will then be given exercises and challenges that create new ways of perceiving, understanding, and responding