Conscious Wellness

What is Life Coaching

Life coaching is all about developing new goals, broadening your sense of what’s possible, and providing tools to help you achieve the success you’ve envisioned for yourself. You’ll learn how to move beyond life’s challenges and connect with your core values to create the life you’ve always imagined. It is about creating awareness and inspiring action to enable lasting change.

How can a Life Coach help?

Like any good coach, I will both challenge and support you through lasting change. You will be guided toward your goals, create new awareness, change perceptions, develop new habits, and access your inner wisdom and guidance.

My goal is to help you listen to the power of your heart and attain your life’s purpose, whatever that may be. In doing so, I use a scientifically validated bio-feedback device to evaluate your current state of being. Coaching, in combination with this technology, becomes a powerful tool to assist in propelling you towards success and happiness.

Life Coaching is right for you if you want:

  • To achieve specific life goals or performance milestones
  • Improved success, performance and productivity
  • Clearer thinking, resulting in smart decisions and creative problem solving
  • Support in major life changes
  • Overall improvement in health and sense of well-being
  • Improved relationships

What can you expect?

Appointments are one hour in length and are completely private and confidential. The program is based on a coaching model where I will challenge your ideas, beliefs and reactions to life’s obstacles. Then, through the lens of your core values, you will develop new strategies to create lasting change. Each person’s situation is unique and for this reason I will develop a customised approach in order to best meet your current needs and goals in order to help you live the life you’ve always imagined.