Concsious Wellness

Coaching and Mentoring Your Success

My commitment is to coach and mentor you through the lens of your core values to access the immense power and wisdom that is within you. In so doing you will make a powerful change in your life. Whether you are looking for life coaching, stress management, resilience building, or mindfulness training, the power is yours and I am here to help guide you to more life balance, energy and direction. The time has come to stop "surviving" and "making do", but to pull yourself off the hamster wheel, find yourself, and thrive.

Our world has changed and is continuing to change. The pace of life is incredibly fast and has created a lot of momentum. The expectations and demands on our time, energy, and resources seems to be ever increasing and often in direct conflict with our core values. As such, this is putting constant strain and stress on our bodies, emotions, mental health, relationships, communication, performance, and resilience, leaving life unbalanced. 

"If you are tired of doing things to de-stress or improved your life with minimal results, look no further. Your heart has all the answers. It is just a matter of understanding how to access those answers, and HeartMath helped me and my family incredibly."       A.O., Ottawa, Ontario