Life Coaching & Stress Management Consulting 

Although it is largely ignored, more and more people are stressed out. Sometimes it is a consistent small amount building up over time. Sometimes it is about being completely overwhelmed as a whirlwind of external pressures constantly push and challenge our core values and beliefs.

Family Life, Personal Health, and Work Life is greatly suffering as a result. 

My commitment is to coach and teach you to have a better understanding of your particular stresses, the impact this has on your body, your environment, and your relationships, and then show you how to transform this stress into a new and powerful force. You will learn how to purposefully access your calm centre where better, more creative decisions are made and where your inner wisdom & guidance reside.

You will regain life balance as you move through life with new purpose and energy.

"If you are tired of doing things to de-stress or improved your life with minimal results, look no further. Your heart has all the answers. It is just a matter of understanding how to access those answers, and HeartMath helped me and my family incredibly."       A.O., Ottawa, Ontario